Reality TV Walkthrough

As soon as you arrive, go left a little, and you’ll see Mike’s Market. Go inside, and move right. You’ll see a man reading a tabloid. Talk to him, then he’ll run. Pick up the tabloid. After that, go outside and head for the Wayside Motel.Go inside the Motel office. Don’t talk to the guy. Click on the mug which is full of pens, then click the phone. Dial the numbers 555-7383. It will then say: “Where do you want it delivered?” Click on “Motel room 4B.” After that, go outside. You’ll see the pizza guy and talk to him. He’ll tell you that he forgot the room number, so you’ll deliver it yourself. Go up to room 4B, then it will be opened. Go inside. You’ll see Bucky Lucas there. Talk to him, and he’ll give you a stamp.Go outside, then to the TV store. Examine the tabloid, then rip out the form. Stick the stamp, then write why you want to join. You’ll see on the TV the address. After that, go outside, and go to the mailbox just a little right of Main Street. Click on the mailbox, then it will appear on the screen: “The next day…”  A helicopter will appear, then ride it. It’ll send you to the Camp. After you win all seven games, you get the Medallion. Plus, you can play it over and over again!


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