The Wannabe

Super simple, and still very cute! This is my most expensive costume at 225 credits. It goes just like this:

Buy Pop Star, Vampire 2, and Prom Queen. You can only use Blue or Pink pop star, as you’ll need a blue or pink vest from an RP to complete it. Use the hat, bangs, and belt from the Pop Star costume, Vampire 2′s hair (or the very hard to find smaller version for free), and Prom Queens lips (also, if you don’t want the Pop Star hat, use the Prom Queen’s over-eye bang. Use the top from the Spy Island mannequins. The last 2 pieces  you need are the previously mentioned vests, depending on whether you want blue or pink, and a white skirt from an RP! This is simple, and cute!


  1. Sweet outfit!

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