Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

When you arrive in the island, go directly to the school and into the room of the science fair. All the other science fair stands are on display except one group’s display. They say that their pupil and star winner is missing. Talk to one of the girls next to the empty stand and ask how you can help. They will say that you could go check in her apartment on Avenue A.

Now head down right to Avenue A. Go to the house at the far end. A cat will get in the house, and you will have to shoo it out! Chase the cat in the kitchen until it enters an open room. Enter that room in the middle of the house. Enter the bathroom and chase him back out of there. Then the cat will dissapear without going through an open door. The door was closed.

Check the house for clues on CJ’s disappearance. Go to CJ’s room to the left and click on the microscope, where CJ has left you a note saying that her invention has been stolen and you will need to think small to find it. And then a man will come with a gun and shoot you. You will be shrunk small to miniature size!

You will need to travel through the house to the kitchen. Along the way you will see drawers, pieces of fuzz, books, and clothing. You will encounter a computer with a password note stuck to it. When asked for the password, if you type My Hero (which is the password on the note), then it will still be invalid!

You will also encounter a TV remote without batteries as well as a toy car. You’ll be using those later! Now inside the kitchen, you’ll need to reach a scrap of paper with clues, but keep going right to the edge of the shelf. There will be a bag of cat food. You’ll need to push the bowl of cat food on the ground directly linear/straight to the bag of cat food. Jump on top of it and cat food should fall in.

Next, jump to the right light fixture and then to the top right shelf containing flower and sugar. Tip a can of oil over, and it should be be dripping oil. When the cat food bowl is full, move it towards the bottom of the table, get on top of the food, and jump! You should land on the farthest right table where the note is on! Click on the note. It will say that the paper smells like lemon juice!

Next up, go on over to the left of the room on the counter where you will see a brown rolling thingamajig. Roll it towards the kettle, and the kettle will move! The steam of the kettle should push you onto the place where the oil is at, but you’ve already tipped it over.

Also, go to the left side of the kitchen. Jump on the shelves at the far end of the counter until you hit a screwdriver! You will obtain it! While at the left side of the kitchen, take the toaster’s cord and plug it into the outlet. You will need to get to the remote on top of the fridge, but will not have enough weight.

Go back allll the way to the fruit tablet and get a grape from the place using the cat food jumping technique. Carry the grape back to the toaster. Carrying the grape, jump on the toaster switch so you’ll have enough weight.

Then jump on the toaster. It should send you flying through the air. Do this several times until you finally reach the remote on top of the fridge. Do not go to the hot part of the toaster/main part. Go to the switch until and push down/release until it flings you up to the top shelf.

Push the salt shaker on the shelf to the far left end. There will be a spatula. Push it so it rests on the bottom of the spatula. Next, jump on the other side of the spatula, and it will fling you to the top of the fridge where the remote is! Take the remote control.

Now, go over to the living room floor where there is a toy truck. You must use the screwdriver to unscrew the battery case. Get the battery and clip that into the TV remote battery on the table in the living room. Now go to the remote and press the big green button. It should turn the TV on. Go up to the top of the TV and collect static from the antennas.

Now jump really far to the green balloon! Your static should let you stick (cooolz!). Now float with the balloon until you reach a group of pictures on the wall. Jump on them until you keep going left and reach the shelf with fish food!

Pour the fish food down into the tank/push it. The fish will be mollified and no longer grouchy. Turn the water filter of the tank off, jump into the tank, and grab the key to the diary!

Now jump through the room to the top shelf until you reach her diary. It is on the top shelf. Jump up the book shelf to the plant on top and then to the top shelf to reach it. Unlock the diary! Inside the diary, you will find a page is torn out with specific drawings! One of the drawings contained the lemon paper you obtained!

Go back to the computer room and turn on the switch at the top of the lamp. You’ll need another peice of paper to shine under the light. You’ll need that inside the trash can in then kitchen! Prepare for another maze!

Now, go to the bottom floor of the kitchen and push the sponge so that it is directly under the spray bottle. Jump on the sponge and then on the spray bottle, and then enter the trash can maze! There will be a maze game inside! You will have to click on objects and move them. Careful, one false move could make it so that an entire column collapses on you!

First when you are at the start, move the can of tuna to the right. Then, move the next peice of cheese to the left so the column does not collapse on you. Jump up through the top and keep going! Move the next can of milk to the right. Keep going down. Don’t head to the left path! Head to the right one!

Next, go right and then push the tuna can in the second column/shelf on the wall down. It should make an open space/area for you to stand on. Stand on it and then use it as support so you can pull the next tuna can out! The column should collapse making space for you to walk over the top of it! Go over and get that slip of paper!

Exit the trash can. The paper will say “The Thief is right out the door! I’ll shrink myself to get the shrink ray and then get him later.” Go back to the diary and match up the torn page you found in the trash can.

There will be a simple formula for the lemon paper: Lemon+paper+light when you match it up. Place the paper under the light. Jump on the lamp a few times so the light is completely showing on the paper! It will say: look for me at the school coordinates X87, Y16.

Go to the telescope at the far end of the room and onto the X/Y switches. On the X switch, run right on top of it so the switch moves. Do this for the X/Y gears until it reads X87, Y16.

You’ll also need a morse code for this part. Get the morse code pamphlet on the CJ’s bed. You’ll also need a thumb drive from under CJ’s bed. To do that, you’ll need to blow the dust away. Jump on the fan so it goes lower so you can reach the switch. Hit the switch, and 3D fan will turn on.

Turn the fan off and then get the thumb drive under the bed. You will notice you cannot go back to the telescope since your way is blocked. Go back to the computer room and to the themometer above the computer.  Turn the heat up to the red spot.

Also, go to the computer and plug the thumb drive in. The password for the laptop should be m4r13cur13. Go back to the bedroom and tip the trashcan over. It should float up because of the heat of the vent. Go back to the telescope and look through it.

CJ will flash you a message with her flashlight. Translated through morse code, it reads: “Flush the thumbdrive.” A morse code reading game will occur, but if you don’t want to do it, just type in the answer: flush the thumbdrive. She wants you to flush it… literally.

Go to the bathroom and enter it. Jump up the half open drawers. Go right when on the counter and past the sink to two light switches. Jump on the right knob/switch.

Next, go up to the hair dryer on the rack left of the sink. Jump on the red switch to make warm air come out. Then, jump on the right of the hair dryer to make it tilt.

Now, jump directly in front of the dryer. The heat should push you up and to the shower! You will be in it! Go to the water dispenser on the shower and turn the warm knob.

Water should come out! You’ll also need to push a soap bar in from on a fixture in the wall. Keep going over past the bath tub/jump out until you reach the toiler. Use the thumbrdrive/drop it in. Then jump on the toiler paper and then on the handle. As soon as you flush it, a voice will come from the living room saying “Drat, where did she hide that darned thumb drive?”

Go back to the bedroom near the telescope. CJ will flash you another signal titled: “Thief is Mr. Silva. You will see a dark figure pass through the room of the science classroom where CJ is located at flashing you the signals! You have to get back to the school to save her.

Get back to the toy car. Drive it and put the battery back in from the TV remote. Ride to the bed/computer room. There will be a stack of books blocking the way. Climb up to the bookshelf and push a book named “Tess Tree” down. That will act as a ramp for you to ride over!

Then, a short miniscene will ensue. You’ll jump across the ramp and break straight through the  window. What a ride. :] Now, you’ll need to play a game. Keep driving the car through the streets, but as it goes watch for things that you should avoid and not hit like sewer drains, leaky fire hydrants, and shoes and skateboards. Make your way to Mr. Silva’s office. At the end you will find CJ talk to her.

CJ will say that Mr. Silva has always been a great teacher, but stole the shrink ray for himself. A minigame will ensue. You must run from the evil teacher with the shrink ray. He says he would shrink you so small no one would ever see you! In the minigame, you will need to constantly be on the run.

Tips/strategy for the final showdown: Hide behind any object that will cover you! Books, scraps of paper, chemistry bottles are all examples! Make your way to the far end of the room while hiding.

Then, jump to the table of the far end of the room. Go behing the earth globe. It will  be shrinked when the laser is fired. The globe should roll down. Next, push the globe to the chair in the middle of the room. Jump on it to reach the chair.

Climb up from the chair to the table. Get on the table and behind a stack of books for cover! Your next move will be the winning move! Go over to the mirror. The shrink ray will bounce back when it tries to hit you, and shrink the teacher instead! The teacher will land inside an ant colony container… scary. 0_0

Now, go down and flip the switch on the watch on the shrink ray device. It will maximize you to normal size! She will give you a medallion and 100 credits to spend! Her next science project is titled “The Incredible Shrunken Man.” It’s the teacher that got shrunk by the way. :)


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