Queen of the Underworld

The Queen of the Underworld

This creative outfit is mostly a copy of the Goth Girl from Astro-Knights Island, but with some clever twists to appear large without having to have that ugly Hades’ hair.

1.      First go to Ye Olde Rumor Mill in Astro-Knights Island and copy the entire outfit of the Goth Girl inside. She’s up top in the upper right inside the mill.

2.      If you don’t already have Hades crown, you’ll need to complete Mythology Island. Wear the crown, which is inside the Mythology Island section of your backpack.

3.      Put on the Hades amulet from the Mythology Surfer costumefrom the Poptropica Store (75 credits).

4.      Press the space bar to grow large in size.

5.      Change your hair to the same style you had before by using the hair from the Pop Star outfit from the Poptropica Store (75 credits).

The last part of this (using the Pop Star outfit) is what lets you stay at the large size without having to actually wear Hades’ crown/hair. It’s a great costume and clever trick with credit to, magicwind

Got your own Poptropica costume ideas? Post them in the comments section below!!


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