1. You can use any skin color and any kind of lips (although I use Fairy Queen’s lips).
  2. Use Vampire Girl 3’s hair.
  3. Get the bangs from other Poptropicans.
  4. Also use Queen of Egypt’s eye liner.
  5. Get the vest and the belt from Green Popstar.
  6. Get the shirt from the guy with curly hair and eye glasses in Counterfeit Island.
  7. AND LASTLY, the gun you can get it buying the Renegade Robot.
  1. Hey hey hey Creator of the Fabulous Killjoy—

    Related to My Chemical Romance!

  2. To TP:ur bad also u delete my comment
    Cheerful Biker welcome to Fun Poptropica Blog can we be friends and so with Tiny Penguin.

  3. Cheerful Biker

    You know BP, I am TP in a disguise so I can see what do I feel if the one who owns this site knows who this is. (No offense, Cream.)

  4. TP:Saan makikita yung toxic gun or whatever it is?

  5. Hi MD ano yung toxic gun nasinasabi mo?

  6. ah alam ko na galing yun sa store, yung Renegade Robot. BTW TP I’m just being hospitable.

  7. MD, saan ka nag-aaral? Kaming dalawa ni WS sa Marikina. Ikaw, saan?

  8. TP san tyo mag-kikita sa school ng Monday, sa classroom ko ba ulit? at wag kalimutan nyung pera para maka-bili tyo sa marist at promise mod tabi tyo sa service at wag mo hayaan na katabi ko si joshua.

  9. siguro classroom ko na lang…..pero im not sure kung mabibigyan ako ng pambaon bukas eh…..♥

  10. TP:Musta na kayo?Tagal tayo di nagkita!

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