Hunter of Artemis

There was a lot of response to the Costume of the Week post last week and many of you replied in the comments section with all kinds of great costume ideas in Poptropica. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick just one to highlight this week. But congratulations go to Super Thunder who put together a whole bunch of great costume ideas. One of the most creative ones was the Hunter of Artemis outfit, inspired by the characters from the Percy Jackson books. Here is how you can put it together.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive outfit because it pulls together both costume pieces and special powers from a variety of different items in the Poptropica store. Therefore, this costume is probably best for members in the game, who get access to all of the store items. Otherwise, you’ll need up to 875 credits for this one.

This costume is assembled from a lot of different outfits from the Poptropica Store.

  • You can have any hair and skin can color for this outfit.
  • Use the Angel costume and customize the robes and the sash.
  • Use Robin Hood’s Bow and Arrow and his backpack of arrows.
  • Now use Pirate Captain and customize the knife hung on the chest.
  • Now you can use the Mythology Surfer hair (the braid).
  • Use Vampire Girl Three’s bangs.
  • Use any pink lips.
  • Now get the Phantom Effect and make it light, only enough to see a silvery glow.
  • Use the Follower Hummingbird.

There you have it, a very cool looking Hunter of Artemis costume in Poptropica. Check back next week for another featured costume. And if you have more ideas, please post and share them in the comments section!

  1. Comical Pelican

    I love this outfiit i am not a member but i figured do u really need the phantom effect the humming bird the mithology surfer or vamp girl 3. Just use the angel pirate and robin hood

  2. Comical Pelican

    Hey here is a really cheap costume idea

    Get the hula skirt from shark tooth island
    Get the bat girls shirt in the temple on shark tooth island
    Get the Medicine mans neclace on shark tooth island
    I call her Hula Girl

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