Cute Girl

The cute outfit combines parts of several different costumes in Poptropica.

This costume combines some gear from Mythology Island with a few items from the store. You’ll need to use up 225 credits on the items or be a paid member in Poptropica. Here are all the steps you need to get this really cute item. Credit for putting this costume together goes to magicwind.

1.      Visit Aphrodite in Mythology Island and copy the top part of her toga and her heart necklace.

2.      Use the Gamer Girl’s hair from the Poptropica Store (75 credits).

3.      Use the black jacket from the original Rocker Girl outfit in the Poptropica Store (75 credits).

4.      Get a black skirt from any of the Poptropicans that are wearing one.

5.      Use the bangs from the Prom Queen costume in the Poptropica Store (75 credits).

  1. omg you copied my outfit!!!!!i did the same thing!!how dare you

  2. That is really cute!<3 it!

  3. That outfit looks cute and it looks like Popular Jumper’s outfit.

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