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Poptropica Creators

*I just got this from the PHB.*

Comic Kid

  • Real name: Jeff Kinney
  • Job: Founder (virtual world designer/creator)
  • Poptropica account: ??? (Possibly Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead due to his similarDiary of a Wimpy Kid cartoon series.)
  • Contact:
  • Evidence: On Jeff Kinney’s official website, he states on the Author Interview page that, “I work full-time as a virtual world designer, and I created” He also mentions being the founder of Poptropica at the back of his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.
Jeff Kinney – the wimpy kid (:

Dr. Hare

When Jordan speaks, everyone listens. Except those two guys behind him. They just keep working. Or whatever they’re doing.

Hazmat Hermit

  • Real name: Justin Lacy
  • Job: Poptropica Creator (exact status not known)
  • Poptropica account: JustinLacy
  • Contact: Unknown
  • Evidence: Searching “justinlacy” on the Poptropica Avatar Studio brings up a character with the name “Hazmat Hermit.”

Shark Boy

  • Real name: Nate Greenwall
  • Job: Illustrator, Graphic Artist and Interactive Designer
  • Poptropica account: SharkBoyCreator
  • Contact: Send Nate a message through the “Contact” link on his website.
  • Evidence: On his website, clicking on the “Interactive Web” link shows that he has done some illustration work with Poptropica. His blog also states that he works for Poptropica. We know he is Shark Boy based on a picture of his office, posted on the PCB. The PCB pic had Shark Boy in an office that looks just like Nate’s:

Fact Monster

  • Real name: Jess M. Brallier
  • Job: Developer of Poptropica
  • Poptropica account: Fact Monster (username unknown; possibly dummy1036 as noted by Shiny Mosquito)
  • Contact: none, but you can learn more about Jess here
  • Evidence: This Family Education Network article states that Jess works for Poptropica. Jess has published (Poptropica’s sponsor) (which advertises Poptropica). The below image shows the Fact Monster character visiting a Poptropica Multiverse room.
Fact: Out there be monsters!

Director D

  • Real name: James Lema
  • Job: Director of Product Development at Poptropica (present); Digital Design Manager (past)
  • Poptropica account: DirectorDcreator1
  • Contact: He has a profile on LinkedIn. Click here to visit it.
  • Evidence: According to Quiet Eagle, James Lema’s LinkedIn profile picture used to be one of Director D. (This was proven when searching “James Lema” on Google Images resulted in this picture of Director D, shown on the right, which was linked to LinkedIn.) Additionally, there is a post on theBoston PIB (Partners in Business) blog (which is related to Pearson, Poptropica’s company) in which ‘James Lema’ presented a graphic invitation to a ‘Poptropica Lunchtime Seminar.’

Black Widow

  • Real name: Jennifer Wood
  • Job: Managing Editor at Poptropica
  • Poptropica account: BlackWidowCreator (unconfirmed; assumed due to being the only known female Creator)
  • Contact: She has a profile on LinkedIn. Click here to visit it.
  • Evidence: There’s a profile on social networking site LinkedIn claiming that “Jennifer Wood” holds the position of Managing Editor at Poptropica. You can refer to the screenshot below [credit to Adiboy101] for proof.


Master Mime

  • Real name: Jon Pitcher
  • Job: Game Designer illustrator/animator for Poptropica
  • Poptropica account: not known
  • Contact: LinkedIn
  • Evidence: There’s a profile on social networking site LinkedIn from Jon Pitcher where he says, “I concept story ideas, animate characters, and illustrate environments for Poptropica.” You can refer to the screenshot below for proof. We know his alias is Master Mime because Jon’s LinkedIn profile picture depicts Master Mime, which makes sense since he’s an animator. :)

Other Creators…

Not much is known about these other Poptropica Creators, but they are listed with the tiny bit of info we have for your reference:

Real names

  • Christopher Barney, Game Engineer/Game Designer for (LinkedIn)
  • Ashley Lange, Poptropica 2D game designer (LinkedIn)
  • Cara Campanelli, Poptropica Customer Support (LinkedIn)
  • Kevin McGrath – Used to work at Poptropica. “Conducted web and systems testing both on the user and back ends of the children’s Flash video game Poptropica.” (LinkedIn)
  • John “J.T.” Gallant, Intern (LinkedIn)
  • Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working for Poptropica (his blog)
  • Nasan Hardcastle, Designer & Illustrator for characters, environments, games, and toys on Poptropica (his blog) (LinkedIn)



Mystery Train Departs,well, for members.

Yee-haw! Mystery Train Island has finally arrived in Poptropica after a lengthy wait. Paid members can access the newest Poptropica adventure right now. There was a cool moment when the counter hit zero and a train rolled across the screen. Woo-hoo! When you arrive in the game, you’ll be in Washington D.C. next to a train about to depart for Chicago and the World’s Fair. A number of Poptropica citizens are there trying to get on board to attend and see major attractions like the Ferris Wheel. Your first set of tasks will be to find a ticket to get on board and help many others as well–including a few famous travelers like Thomas Edison.

Here’s part one of the video walkthrough.

Check out the Mystery Train Island Cheats page to watch parts 2 through 4 of the walkthrough and to get the step-by-step written guide (coming soon!)

Sneak Peek for Non-Members

Not a paid member? Don’t worry. You can still get a sneak peek at Mystery Train Island. Non-members can travel to the island by balloon and walk around the Main Street area, where you’ll see some of the Poptropica citizens and the train at the station. You can even help Thomas Edison and board the train, but you won’t be able to complete the full quest. The island will open up completely to non-members in October.

Poptropica Mystery Train Island Sneak Peek

Click  for the full video and written walkthrough.
And this is the written one (Demo)

Arrival on Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train Ramp
  • When you arrive, jump down and run to the left until you see a man pushing his luggage. This is Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. He needs your help getting his luggage loaded onto the train.
  • Talk to him and then a puzzle mini-game will appear. Re-arrange the suitcases so that they line up left to right from smallest to largest. Then click on the plank of wood to create a ramp. You will push the luggage up into the cargo car of the train. So much work!
  • Thomas Edison will give you a train ticket to ride the John Bull from Washington, D.C. to Chicago.
  • Run over to the right until you get to the train door next to the Chicago World’s Fair poster. The cursor will say Ride Train. Hop on board!

On Board the Train

Stolen Device in Mystery Train Island
  • Your first task is to talk to all the famous passengers on the train. The first is Ferris, the inventor of the Ferris wheel. He’s upset and will give you a copy of a telegram he received that says the wheel needs more power to work.
  • Next run left and talk to Nikokla Tesla, who is standing outside of his cabin door.
  • Then go inside Susan B. Anthony’s cabin and speak with her. She’ll give you a Women’s Suffrage Pamphlet.
  • Go back outside and run to the left to talk with Gustav Eiffel. Then continue left until you come to a door marked with the name, Erik Weisz. Go inside and talk to the man there.
  • Head back out and run to the left through several train cars until you reach a guy wearing a hat and a pencil in his ear. He’s a reporter from the New York Times. Talk to him and he’ll complain that the fair is second-rate because it’s in Chicago.
  • Now go into Mark Twain’s cabin and speak with him.
  • Leave Twain’s cabin and go to the left. You’ll pick up a pencil that’s lying on a table as you run past.
  • Skip past Thomas Edison’s cabin and go into Mlle. Moreau’s room. Speak with her to hear her talk about how much better the World’s Fair in Paris was. She’ll give you a copy of her newspaper, Le Monde.
  • Now you’ve met with everyone you need to. Go into Thomas Edison’s cabin and talk to him.
  • He’ll tell you about his latest invention, a device which captures moving pictures. He’ll suggest that you try it out and once it starts working, he’ll leave to get the reporter from the New York Times.
  • A cut-scene will appear showing the train heading into a tunnel.
  • The room will go dark and when the lights come back on, the projector is missing! Thomas Edison and the reporter arrive and want to know what happened.
  • Now you have to clear your name and find the person who stole the projector.
Some hints:
Thief is the ** ***** ********. (It’s a female.)
Erik Weisz is ***** ******* (it’s a male.)
Answers will be revealed on October 7, 2011.

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